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Rabia Chaudry

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A Thousand Little Pieces

On Sunday I visited Adnan after a very long time – at least four months. Since he was moved to Cumberland six years ago, it’s been difficult for anyone, including his family, to see him often. The trip takes most of the day going back and forth and the past few months have been a tornado of busy-ness related to Adnan’s case, my work projects coming to a head, travel, moving, and generally just trying to keep it together.  Frankly, I’ve been treading water. Barely.

So in all of this, the talks about Adnan’s case, the blogging, the media, etc, Adnan himself got kind of lost.   Last week I pulled out some of his old letters to remind myself of what this is all about and decided it was time to get to Cumberland.

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It’s All In Your Head

From The Intercept's header for part three of Jay's interview

From The Intercept’s header for part three of Jay’s interview

Let’s just get this out of the way. At no point did Sarah Koenig or I ever supply or post Jay’s personal information anywhere.  Shortly after the first podcast someone tweeted at me and asked me Jay’s last name. I tweeted back that it’s “Wilds”.  I thought nothing of it since the trial and case documents are public domain, and some of the appeal documents are easily found online and his name is all over them.  Sarah immediately contacted me and asked me to delete that tweet.

That was the start of delicate (ok sometimes pretty pointed) negotiations between Sarah and I. She had certain journalistic standards and had made promises to her sources about how they would be portrayed in the series (first name, full name, name replaced, voice scrambled, etc), but of course I was under no obligation to follow her rules. I never saw reason to follow them in fact, because as I’ve said a hundred times, none of the trial testimony is under seal. Its public domain.  I also have no connection to This American Life, no involvement in the creation of the show, and saw no reason to be obligated to them.  Continue reading

Serial Episode 12: The Beginning of the End

I don’t deny I am relieved that Serial is over. Not that it wasn’t a tremendous expose on Adnan’s case, and the result of so much time and effort by Sarah and her team which I’ll always appreciate, and its literally breathed new life into future prospects of exoneration. But because as difficult as it was for the general public to swing back and forth between sides, guided effortlessly by Sarah, it was even harder on those who know and love Adnan.

We never knew what parts of the story Sarah would chose to tell, and how she would chose to tell it. And I promise you, the parts you tell and how you tell it make all the difference in what the world hears.  So we would wait to see which way the wind blew each week, and often wonder why Sarah left out certain things. In a way, as Sarah wondered if Adnan was manipulating her, we all wondered if Sarah was doing the same thing to us. Continue reading

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