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Rabia Chaudry

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Forget Everything You Know

At the Columbia School of Journalism, thanks to Sharaf Mowjood and the South Asian Journalists Association.

At the Columbia School of Journalism, thanks to Sharaf Mowjood, President of the South Asian Journalists Association, and mimic extraordinaire. Full video here.

I never intended a tour, but it looks like it’s turning into one.  Starting with Stanford Law School a few weeks ago, American Law last week, and Columbia Journalism on Friday, the next few months will take me to about a dozen other venues to speak about Adnan’s case and, naturally, Serial.  In at least half of these places, a good friend is the organizer and invited me, and heck I can’t say no to a friend.  That, and the fact that the venues are packed, often sold out quickly, means people really have been impacted by Adnan’s story.  I keep thinking at some point the public will tire and move on, but am so grateful that it’s not happened.  I also worry that I’ll keep saying the same things over and over, and there is certainly some repetition, but even so every event so far has drawn out different information and discussions.  Makes sense of course, a conversation with law students will certainly sound different than one with journalism students. Continue reading

Plotting The Dream

Announcement: tomorrow is going to be a really interesting day. Keep your eyes open, some stuff is about to hit the fan. Now back to our regular programming. 

I intended to share more transcripts last week, but as has been happening lately, ran out of time and steam. I’m tired, no doubt. It’s been an intense few months and it’s taken a toll on me (if you count wanting to do nothing but watch Netflix while wearing sweats and fuzzy socks as signs of exhaustion).

Anyway, I’m trying to say sorry. I didn’t deliver what I said I would, and now I know that I should probably be more realistic about making such declarations.

I also said that I’d write about Urick after the second part of the NVC’s interview. The sheer magnitude of that clusterduck (I understand children read my blog, so will try to curse less, but I may fail) was awe inspiring. It was a slow motion reverse train wreck that starting with a bang and ended with a whimper. Continue reading

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