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Rabia Chaudry

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Forget Everything You Know

At the Columbia School of Journalism, thanks to Sharaf Mowjood and the South Asian Journalists Association.

At the Columbia School of Journalism, thanks to Sharaf Mowjood, President of the South Asian Journalists Association, and mimic extraordinaire. Full video here.

I never intended a tour, but it looks like it’s turning into one.  Starting with Stanford Law School a few weeks ago, American Law last week, and Columbia Journalism on Friday, the next few months will take me to about a dozen other venues to speak about Adnan’s case and, naturally, Serial.  In at least half of these places, a good friend is the organizer and invited me, and heck I can’t say no to a friend.  That, and the fact that the venues are packed, often sold out quickly, means people really have been impacted by Adnan’s story.  I keep thinking at some point the public will tire and move on, but am so grateful that it’s not happened.  I also worry that I’ll keep saying the same things over and over, and there is certainly some repetition, but even so every event so far has drawn out different information and discussions.  Makes sense of course, a conversation with law students will certainly sound different than one with journalism students. Continue reading

Realize Real Lies


Two announcements before getting into the substance of this post:

First, the fundraising campaign for Adnan is doing well, but can do better!  This first phase is online fundraising, after which we will be focusing on local fundraisers. But for anyone who is not “local”, the time to donate online is ASAP because we do have a deadline for the online campaign.

We are making it easier to donate by adding two new methods:

1) You can now donate via text message, thanks to a great company that has generously DONATED its services to this campaign.  Gnosis Media Group focuses on communications to better communities – while bringing clients new audiences, customers and revenue.  GMG stands at the intersection of press release distribution, text message marketing and social media syndication, and helps enlarge client brands with crazily effective communications.  Also, they are behind this really amazing campaign to bring the internet to those around the world who don’t have access to smart phones. Continue reading

It’s All In Your Head

From The Intercept's header for part three of Jay's interview

From The Intercept’s header for part three of Jay’s interview

Let’s just get this out of the way. At no point did Sarah Koenig or I ever supply or post Jay’s personal information anywhere.  Shortly after the first podcast someone tweeted at me and asked me Jay’s last name. I tweeted back that it’s “Wilds”.  I thought nothing of it since the trial and case documents are public domain, and some of the appeal documents are easily found online and his name is all over them.  Sarah immediately contacted me and asked me to delete that tweet.

That was the start of delicate (ok sometimes pretty pointed) negotiations between Sarah and I. She had certain journalistic standards and had made promises to her sources about how they would be portrayed in the series (first name, full name, name replaced, voice scrambled, etc), but of course I was under no obligation to follow her rules. I never saw reason to follow them in fact, because as I’ve said a hundred times, none of the trial testimony is under seal. Its public domain.  I also have no connection to This American Life, no involvement in the creation of the show, and saw no reason to be obligated to them.  Continue reading

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