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Rabia Chaudry

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How Deep Are The Weeds

The log where Hae's body was found, with Ramiro in the background as he photographs the area

The log where Hae’s body was found, with Ramiro in the background as he photographs the area

If you’re caught up on all of the Undisclosed episodes, you should be used to your mind getting blown repeatedly. I listened to episode 5 about five times myself, and heck, I’m actually in it.

Today’s Addendum will open with something amazing too -something you’ve never heard before. Another catch by Susan Simpson.

Now, going back to our previous episodes, some folks are having a hard time swallowing the dozens and dozens of inconsistencies and their implications, and their reaction is “oh come on, was nothing the State did right?”

Essentially, yes. It’s really not that hard to believe if you think about it this way: if Adnan is innocent, then naturally everything the State did was wrong, inaccurate, or contrived. Because that’s what it takes to convict an innocent person. Cops get it/do it wrong, prosecutors get it/do it wrong, defense attorneys get it/do it wrong, judges get it wrong, and juries get it wrong.  It takes that many layers of screwing up to investigate, arrest, try, and convict an innocent person.  And it happens all the time.

Worry not though, we aren’t done yet. Plenty more to come in the events of the State vs. Adnan Syed, lots more f’ing up by all the key players left to do.

For now, lets look closer at a few things. Continue reading

Plotting The Dream

Announcement: tomorrow is going to be a really interesting day. Keep your eyes open, some stuff is about to hit the fan. Now back to our regular programming. 

I intended to share more transcripts last week, but as has been happening lately, ran out of time and steam. I’m tired, no doubt. It’s been an intense few months and it’s taken a toll on me (if you count wanting to do nothing but watch Netflix while wearing sweats and fuzzy socks as signs of exhaustion).

Anyway, I’m trying to say sorry. I didn’t deliver what I said I would, and now I know that I should probably be more realistic about making such declarations.

I also said that I’d write about Urick after the second part of the NVC’s interview. The sheer magnitude of that clusterduck (I understand children read my blog, so will try to curse less, but I may fail) was awe inspiring. It was a slow motion reverse train wreck that starting with a bang and ended with a whimper. Continue reading

Realize Real Lies


Two announcements before getting into the substance of this post:

First, the fundraising campaign for Adnan is doing well, but can do better!  This first phase is online fundraising, after which we will be focusing on local fundraisers. But for anyone who is not “local”, the time to donate online is ASAP because we do have a deadline for the online campaign.

We are making it easier to donate by adding two new methods:

1) You can now donate via text message, thanks to a great company that has generously DONATED its services to this campaign.  Gnosis Media Group focuses on communications to better communities – while bringing clients new audiences, customers and revenue.  GMG stands at the intersection of press release distribution, text message marketing and social media syndication, and helps enlarge client brands with crazily effective communications.  Also, they are behind this really amazing campaign to bring the internet to those around the world who don’t have access to smart phones. Continue reading

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