Announcement: tomorrow is going to be a really interesting day. Keep your eyes open, some stuff is about to hit the fan. Now back to our regular programming. 

I intended to share more transcripts last week, but as has been happening lately, ran out of time and steam. I’m tired, no doubt. It’s been an intense few months and it’s taken a toll on me (if you count wanting to do nothing but watch Netflix while wearing sweats and fuzzy socks as signs of exhaustion).

Anyway, I’m trying to say sorry. I didn’t deliver what I said I would, and now I know that I should probably be more realistic about making such declarations.

I also said that I’d write about Urick after the second part of the NVC’s interview. The sheer magnitude of that clusterduck (I understand children read my blog, so will try to curse less, but I may fail) was awe inspiring. It was a slow motion reverse train wreck that starting with a bang and ended with a whimper.

But I’m not going to comment yet on Urick’s statements just yet. Why? That will become apparent in a couple more days, by which time some new information will come to light and I’ll just dedicate an entire post to Urick-angst.

To make up for it though, I have a bit of a treat. Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting the intrepid and brilliant Susan Simpson, who has been blogging about Adnan’s case. Susan, who I am convinced is a real life Sherlock and may be the actual person who solves the “who” in this “whodunit”, agreed to come along with Saad, Yusuf, and myself on a driving tour of the many locations we’ve all become familiar with. The only thing we missed was Bestbuy, though we drove past it, and Grandma’s house.

Now I had totally failed to actually plan for any of this, and didn’t think about taping it until we hopped into Saad’s car and hit the road. Which is why I neither had enough storage room on my phone or enough power to tape the entire thing. So we switched to Yusuf’s phone, and that ended up being in a bunch of small clips. I don’t have the brain power right now to figure out how to edit it all together, so bear with me, and just slog through the many clips to piece it together.  They should be in chronological order.

The best part of all of this was the conversation and watching Susan’s brain whir away at 500 miles an hour as she pieced, and re-pieced stuff together based on how the locations looked. Her knack for picking out what doesn’t quite fit is unnerving. I totally recognize my ineptitude and lack of mental acuity in her presence.  At least I admit it, and thank God she’s taken a keen interest in what really happened on January 13, 1999.

After the videos, I’ve posted more trial transcripts. We’re almost at $80,000 raised and I love and thank you all for it.


Transcripts are below. Lots of kind of interesting things here, but one I’d like to point out. Adnan’s fingerprints are found on a few places in Hae’s car. Considering he was in Hae’s car dozens of times, its unnatural that his prints aren’t all over the place. Like on the car seat, handles, dashboard, steering wheel, all the places our hands normally touch when we are in a car.  A few of Adnan’s fingerprints in the car is not suspicious. It’s the lack of lots of fingerprints that is.

Hae’s car was definitely wiped down by someone before they ditched the car. They wiped it all down but skipped a few places where it probably didn’t occur to them to clean.

January 31, 2000

February 1, 2000

February 2, 2000

February 3, 2000