Testimony of Detective Bradley Hood

Testimony of Detective Bradley Hood

The current prosecutor in Adnan’s case, the esteemed DEPUTY ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF MARYLAND Thiru Vignarajah, has been playing dirty in another case.  A motion filed in court today alleges, through the testimony of Baltimore detectives themselves, that Thiru was personally given credible information by the cops about the identification of a murder perp in the 2011 murder of Henry Mills, but prosecuted another man, and did not disclose the exculpatory statements (which were on video no less) to the defense.

Here is the full motion, which Thiru is probably wiping his tears with tonight.

Stated plainly, Thiru prosecuted and sent to prison for life a man he full well knew was innocent of the crime he was being charged with.

This, ladies and gentleman, is what we are dealing with here in Baltimore.  This is also the guy covering Urick’s rear end.  How much faith do you have that this man, this office, will turn over what is due to us in Adnan’s case?  Like the CrimeStoppers information, missing police interviews, pager and phone records missing from the police files?  How much faith do you have that the Baltimore City Police, which is currently being investigated by the Department of Justice for corruption, will handle any physical evidence they may have with any integrity?

I don’t know about you, but I have no faith in this system, in these officers of the law, in these officers of the court at all.

From Vicki Wash, who LIED to a court about a nonexistent pattern of Pakistani men killing their girlfriends and then absconding so Adnan couldn’t get bail, to Urick, who LIED to a court about how he tampered with a witness, to Thiru, who is willing to prosecute and convict a man he knows is innocent of the crime charged. And a little reminder: these are the things they’ve been caught doing.  Who knows what else there is that hasn’t been discovered.

They should all be disbarred, every single one of them.  I hope to God Thiru is fired from his office (if at least to save face for the Attorney General) and removed from Adnan’s case.


Thiru is going to have a really crappy Thanksgiving, for which I am deeply thankful, thank you Lord, as he tries to figure out how to get out of this one.


I certainly hope the Judge asks him all the following at this hearing:

Dear Sir, did you indeed withhold, hide, bury, evidence that would clear the name of David Hunter, an innocent man, a man sentenced to die in prison through two life sentences plus forty years?

Sir, did you knowingly allow another man to get away with the murder of Mr. Henry Mills?

Sir, did you fail to turn over your own confidential informants statements in response to repeated requests by defense counsel for all evidence due in discovery under Brady?

Sir, did you proceed with spending tens, or perhaps hundreds, of thousands of dollars of tax payer money to pursue TWO trials against a man you full well knew was innocent, a third party confession having been disclosed to you directly by the police long before the trials?

And here’s my question: as a human being, how do you sleep at night after knowingly locking away innocent people?