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Rabia Chaudry


adnanAdnan Syed was 17 when he was arrested for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee in 1999 in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland.  Both Adnan and Hae were high school seniors at Woodlawn High School, honor roll students, athletes, popular and well liked among their peers.  Adnan was convicted and sentenced to life plus thirty years.

Adnan is my younger brother’s best friend and like a brother to me as well. For 15 years my family and I have stood by Adnan as he has maintained his innocence. 

Last year, after exhausting almost all appeals. I contacted Sarah Koenig, a producer at This American Life. I was hoping to find a journalist who would be interested in investigating this story. Sarah’s investigation has turned into the podcast Serial, an international phenomenon. 

I have been blogging weekly along with each episode, but mindful to address only what has been raised in that episode so that there are no spoilers and so that I don’t trump any issue Serial may raise in a future episode. My blogs have been housed on and will now continue on this site. 


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  2. Anonymous

    May good be with you all. I hope Adnan get a fair trial this time!!

  3. Have just discovered the Serial podcast and Undisclosed. ,am now like millions all consumed with Adnon's case . The podcasts were so well done I felt I was a part of this investigation. I'm sure also as with many have gone back and forth regarding his g

    Like millions I have become more than just interested in Adnon’s case since listening to the Serial and Undisclosed podcasts. Have listened to all others out there good and bad looking for any fact not known before. You should be very proud(not exactly the word but close) for all you’ve done for Adnon and this case. It has gotten results for him. Am waiting anxiously for any decision coming from this new court order. Bless you Ravia,I hope peace surrounds your life and efforts

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