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Rabia Chaudry

Month: January 2015 (Page 1 of 2)

Perjury, Witness Tampering, Obstruction of Justice, and it’s only Tuesday!

It's too late. He already wrecked himself. Also thanks to the Tweeter who came up with this ;)

It’s too late. He already wrecked himself. Also thanks to the Tweeter who came up with this 😉 Natasha Vargas-Cooper, how you feeling about Urick now?

Urick is ok with obstructing both truth and justice. He lied to Asia, and he lied under oath during the post conviction appeal hearing.

I learned that a couple of months ago, when Asia McClain, having heard “Serial”, stepped up and contacted Adnan’s lawyer, Justin Brown. Yes I’ve known about this, as have other key folks, but of course it was kept under wraps until Justin took it to court.  And for the record, it was Asia who came forward, none of us ever contacted her. I have not seen or spoken or reached out to her in 15 years. It was the sheer power of Sarah’s work and the podcast that made her realize what happened, and I am again and again thankful to Sarah for that.

Asia never told Urick that she wrote her letters or the affidavit she gave to me under duress, he lied about it.  She called him after our private investigator reached out to her a couple of years ago – she was confused and wanted to know what was going on in the case. Urick assured her that Adnan had been convicted with overwhelming evidence (which he actually repeated in the Intercept interview – maybe he does not understand what the word ‘overwhelming’ actually means), and literally told her NOT TO TESTIFY at the hearing. Continue reading

Plotting The Dream

Announcement: tomorrow is going to be a really interesting day. Keep your eyes open, some stuff is about to hit the fan. Now back to our regular programming. 

I intended to share more transcripts last week, but as has been happening lately, ran out of time and steam. I’m tired, no doubt. It’s been an intense few months and it’s taken a toll on me (if you count wanting to do nothing but watch Netflix while wearing sweats and fuzzy socks as signs of exhaustion).

Anyway, I’m trying to say sorry. I didn’t deliver what I said I would, and now I know that I should probably be more realistic about making such declarations.

I also said that I’d write about Urick after the second part of the NVC’s interview. The sheer magnitude of that clusterduck (I understand children read my blog, so will try to curse less, but I may fail) was awe inspiring. It was a slow motion reverse train wreck that starting with a bang and ended with a whimper. Continue reading

California Dreaming

Today I do my first public appearance to speak about Adnan’s case and Serial. I’ll be at Stanford Law School, a great pleasure for me, but it’s not the only reason I’m in California right now.

For the past few years I’ve worked in the field of CVE (“Countering Violent Extremism”), which is less sexy, cool or controversial as it may sound (but plenty has to be said about it, which merits future articles and posts).  To that end, on Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a unique summit hosted by YouTube that brought together Muslim leaders from around the country, CVE experts, YouTube celebrities, and technical experts to explore creative ways being used by some amazing young Muslim Americans to tell their stories.  Its in that telling, if done well enough, that we’ll be able to elevate authentic narratives about the lives everyday Muslims lead, and the kinds of good work they do, to counter the ugly that is online (and IRL). That ugly comes from two major sources: violent extremists who are Muslims, and anti-Muslim bigots.  Continue reading

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