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Rabia Chaudry

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California Dreaming

Today I do my first public appearance to speak about Adnan’s case and Serial. I’ll be at Stanford Law School, a great pleasure for me, but it’s not the only reason I’m in California right now.

For the past few years I’ve worked in the field of CVE (“Countering Violent Extremism”), which is less sexy, cool or controversial as it may sound (but plenty has to be said about it, which merits future articles and posts).  To that end, on Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a unique summit hosted by YouTube that brought together Muslim leaders from around the country, CVE experts, YouTube celebrities, and technical experts to explore creative ways being used by some amazing young Muslim Americans to tell their stories.  Its in that telling, if done well enough, that we’ll be able to elevate authentic narratives about the lives everyday Muslims lead, and the kinds of good work they do, to counter the ugly that is online (and IRL). That ugly comes from two major sources: violent extremists who are Muslims, and anti-Muslim bigots.  Continue reading

Mostly, I’m Kind of Embarrassed for Her

I don’t have much to say. Just gonna put this out there.

In reference to Bilal pleading the 5th..

In reference to Bilal pleading the 5th..

Screenshot 2015-01-07 at 8.15.56 PM


I already posted attorney notes from Bilal’s testimony during the grand jury, but in case there’s still doubt, I kindly refer your attention to the highlighted portions of this document.

Bilal’s Waiver

Now I know how this will play out. Natasha will say “well he tried to plead the fifth, then the court denied it, and then he actually testified, and THAT’S WHAT I MEANT”.  Except its pretty clear that is not what she meant, or Jay meant. She meant that Bilal never testified, and she “verified” it, and she is dead wrong.

*On a related note, someone posted on Reddit that she had a conversation on Facebook messenger with Jay. And The Intercept published a screenshot of that conversation, BUT it had been redacted/messed with. So this person contacted Natasha to tell her she published something that had been doctored by Jay. She provided proof of the original conversation, which included something Jay definitely would not want the public to know (yes, I know exactly what he said that was then redacted). Then she waited patiently for Natasha to make the correction. But Natasha never did. Instead Natasha is claiming that the conversation Jay sent her was a message he shared with his wife about the original message, not the original conversation itself. Sure, it could be possible Jay redacted what he wish he didn’t say and then sent it to his wife. But hard to believe because the conversation Natasha published has the exact same time stamp as the original conversation.  Considering the acrobatics Natasha is going through to cover her mistake in this, I won’t be surprised if she does the same with Bilal’s testimony.

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