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Now, for my post.

I’ll start by again clarifying a misunderstanding that happened between Sarah and I the other day. I emailed her and asked if they had been able to identify Hae’s pager number and she wrote back that no they had not.

Screenshot 2015-01-05 at 11.02.24 PM


I thought my question was clear and her response was clear. Since this issue kept coming up online, I posted a portion of the exchange showing her response and wondering out loud what the heck had happened – why did the podcast represent that they did have the number and checked it against Adnan’s records?

It turned out Sarah wasn’t paying close attention to my email and had responded incorrectly. They did in fact have Hae’s pager number and had checked it against Adnan’s cell records. I immediately and repeatedly tweeted the correction but want to reiterate it here.

Serial did have Hae’s pager number, and checked it against Adnan’s cell records.

Incredible wisdom

Incredible wisdom

Not long ago I got a lovely email from a donor to Adnan’s legal fund all the way from Australia.  He reminded me of something that I’ve heard before from a religious class or book, I can’t remember. But he said that not all are capable of actually discerning the truth from lies. That even this ability requires a clarity of heart and soul, which is connected to spiritual self-reflection, whether in the form of worship, meditation, or other activity that forces us to still the noise.  Some people are better attuned to “truth” and “reality” than others.  Some can be served the truth on a platter and still not see it.  I felt better after his email, especially after seeing the reaction of some people who find Jay honest and reliable in the wake of his recent statements.

How many lies does it take before nothing you say means anything? For some, Jay hasn’t hit that number yet.

Anyway. One thing that caused a minor uproar was his statement that the elusive Bilal had plead the 5th in the grand jury proceedings.  Eureka! went up the cry. This must mean Adnan confessed to him or he otherwise had some involvement with Hae’s death which is why avoided incriminating himself and plead the 5th. Except he didn’t.

Bilal testified at the grand jury, as did my brother. I don’t know where Jay got his information from, and why it wasn’t fact checked, but there you have it.  Now while I don’t have exact testimony, I do have attorney notes taken during it (and if I come across the actual testimony will post it too). Its not always clear, a little odd at times, but basically you’ll get the gist of what was asked and what Bilal has to say.

Bilal Grand Jury Notes

I also thought, since Jay’s plea was such a big deal in the case, that I should share that.

Jay Wilds Plea Agreement

Yesterday someone popped up on Reddit to claim they were from Adnan’s school and community and knew that he had confessed to three people. Not that he had confessed to him directly, but to three others and he had heard about it. After he failed to verify his identity, it seems the post was removed. (CORRECTION: IT’S STILL THERE. BLEGH)

Here is what I have to say to that. If someone has actual and actionable information, whatever that information is, get thee to the DA’s office or police or a lawyer. Don’t BS around on Reddit.

Do I believe the poster?  No, I don’t. I think it was Sachabacha aka Mr. “Adnan Stole From The Mosque In 8th Grade And So Did I And By The Way Adnan Is A Good Guy”  rearing his head again. Because his fifteen minutes of lame, er fame, came and went. Remember this is the guy who sent Sarah dozens of messages, only to present her with less than damning information at the end. He misses the spotlight. So I assume every so often he’ll pop up and then disappear.

FINALLY, because of your generosity we’ve reached another $10K since I lasted posted trial transcripts, so its time to get started on the second trial. Enjoy. Or not. Its a whole lotta lotta and plenty more to go.

Trial Two Day 1

Trial Two Day 2