Adnan and his little brother Yusuf. Clearly, Aunty hoped for a girl :)

Adnan and his little brother Yusuf. Clearly, Aunty hoped for a girl ūüôā

To all who have reached out to help, first of all thank you. I know there are hundreds of messages outstanding that I promise to return, and many of them ask me just this: what can we do?

So here are three things you can do to help!

I. ¬†Sign the Petition!¬†Millions of people have heard the story, and most believe Adnan deserves a new trial. Let’s make sure the Maryland judiciary hears your voice! ¬†Sign the petition, share the petition!


II.¬†Donate for Adnan’s Legal Defense!¬†¬†There are three ways to donate:

1) Online at

2) Via text message, thanks to a great company that has generously DONATED its services to this campaign. ¬†Gnosis Media Group¬†focuses on communications to better communities – while bringing clients new audiences, customers and revenue. ¬†GMG stands at the intersection of press release distribution, text message marketing and social media syndication, and helps enlarge client¬†brands with crazily effective communications. ¬†Also, they are behind this really amazing campaign to bring the internet to those around the world who don’t have access to smart phones.

So go ahead, text FREEADNAN to 75309 to donate using your phone!¬† And help fund GMG’s indiegogo project too!

3) Via mail: you can send checks or money orders made out to “The Adnan Syed Legal Trust” to the following address:

Dennis Robinson, Trustee
P.O. Box 27058


III. ¬†Drop him note to say¬†hello¬†: They can’t get regular greeting cards at the facility, but postcards are fine. Letters are fine too, but he also likes to respond to everyone and getting hundreds of letters means he may not get back to you for a very very very long time. His address is:

Adnan Syed, ID 293908, North Branch Correctional Institute, 14100 McMullen Highway Southwest, Cumberland, MD 21502.

And of course, keep him in your best wishes, prayers, good vibes, and kind thoughts.