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Rabia Chaudry

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It’s All In Your Head

From The Intercept's header for part three of Jay's interview

From The Intercept’s header for part three of Jay’s interview

Let’s just get this out of the way. At no point did Sarah Koenig or I ever supply or post Jay’s personal information anywhere.  Shortly after the first podcast someone tweeted at me and asked me Jay’s last name. I tweeted back that it’s “Wilds”.  I thought nothing of it since the trial and case documents are public domain, and some of the appeal documents are easily found online and his name is all over them.  Sarah immediately contacted me and asked me to delete that tweet.

That was the start of delicate (ok sometimes pretty pointed) negotiations between Sarah and I. She had certain journalistic standards and had made promises to her sources about how they would be portrayed in the series (first name, full name, name replaced, voice scrambled, etc), but of course I was under no obligation to follow her rules. I never saw reason to follow them in fact, because as I’ve said a hundred times, none of the trial testimony is under seal. Its public domain.  I also have no connection to This American Life, no involvement in the creation of the show, and saw no reason to be obligated to them.  Continue reading

Happy New Year Indeed

Screenshot of Jay's interview header

Screenshot of Jay’s interview header.

I never thought it would actually happen. That Jay Wilds would give an interview. When I saw his Facebook post last week, the one that quickly disappeared, I thought either someone would advise him to not to talk or the DA’s office in Maryland would make sure he didn’t.

Luckily for all of us, neither of those things happened. Jay talked and my head exploded. So did my Twitter feed, because I have trouble not being reactive. Anyhow. Back to the crazy that was Jay’s interview.

I guess we start at the beginning.  With lie number one: Continue reading

The Most Wonderful Time

A Christmas display in front of a mosque in Beirut, Lebanon.

A Christmas display in front of a mosque in Beirut, Lebanon.

*This post should have gone up at least 48 hours ago because er, its a Christmas post, but I decided to listen to my body and just take a break, man I needed one. So apologies for this belated post, but I figured you’d understand, us being friends and all. 

A couple of weeks ago, over the phone with my younger sister (also an observant Muslim like me), I had the following conversation:

Me: Have you gone shopping, been to the malls?

Her: No, but I want to, I just love seeing all the Christmas stuff

Me: Me too!  I love the songs, the lights, the decorations hehehee

Her: I knoooooowwwwww….its the most wonderful time of the year!

Clearly, we have drunk deeply of the Christmas spirit kool-aid, and fatwa or no fatwa, we’re going to hold on to our unrequited love of this holiday season.

Two things I want to share with this post. First, a reprint of a Christmas blog I wrote a couple of years ago, which first appeared on Patheos. Second, at the very bottom of that piece, a gift for the readers. Continue reading

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